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Westerly 25:1


Peter Corris
The Port-drinking Champion of North Queensland

Peter Goldsworthy
The Man who was Wally Wallaby

Terry Tredrea
The Pros and Cons of Penang

Kenneth Gaunt
Sunday Session

Graham Williams
Gentleman Jack


Louis Johnson

Hal Colebatch

Elizabeth Lawson Marsh

Richard Lunn

Barbara Giles

Dorothy Featherstone Porter

John Wright

Judith Womersley

Alan Alexander

Andrew Donald

Caroline Caddy


Peter Cowan
E. L. Grant Watson and Western Australia

Helen Watson-Williams
Land Into Literature

Ruth Johnston
The Printing Industry

Contemporary American And Australian Writing

Don Anderson
Contemporary American And Australian Short Fiction

Fay Zwicky
Seeing And Recording A Local Ambience

Jim Legasse
The Voice Of The Form And The Form Of The Voice


Delys Bird
David Ireland-A Woman Of The Future

T. A. G. Hungerford
Randolph Stow-Visitants

Cliff Gillam Night Of The Century
Glenda Adams-The Hottest

Marilyn Anthony
Robert Drewe-A Cry In The Jungle Bar

Susan Kobulniczky
Germaine Greer-The Obstacle Race

S. A. Grave
A. J. Baker-Anderson’s Social Philosophy

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