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Westerly 24:4


Vivien Bon
Visible Darkness

Jean Kent
Somewhere Under The Smokestacks

Geoffrey Bevvley
The Day’s Work In The Day

Moya Ellis
A Private Reverie

Rosita Dellios
The Life-Song Of Dieri


Isobel Robin

Helena Dabrovvski

Su Gruszin

Margaret Scott

Ron Pretty

Hal Colebatch

Thomas Shapcott

Bruce Davve

R.G. Hay

Hal Colebatch

Ian Williams


John Barnes
The Time Was Never Ripe

G. Mcgregor
Vance Palmer’s “The Swayne Family

Bruce Bennett And Brian Dibble
An Interview With Bruce Dawe

Andrew Taylor
Time And The Long Poem In Australia


Veronica Brady
Roger Mcdonald, 1915

Richard Higgott
John Updike, The Coup

Thomas Shapcott
Robert Adamson, Where I Come From

Dorothy Hewett, Greenhouse

Bill Dunstone
Dorothy Hewett, The Man From Mukinupin

Hal Colebatch
Andrew Lansdown, Homecoming

John A. Hay
Ray Ericksen, Ernest Giles, Explorer And Traveller

Ed Arundell
Robert Duffield, Rogue Bull: The Story Of Lang Hancock

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