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Westerly 23:4


James Mcqueen
Twenty Minutes At The Edge Of Winter’

Victor Kelleher
Quaker Wedding

Rosemary Auchmuty
Ten Years Since

John D. Simmonds
The Last Hello


Jennifer Compton

Peter Goldsworthy

Bruce Dawe

Wendy Bunyan

Anne Parratt

Geoff Page

John M. Wright

Carol Cohn

Anne King

Graeme Hetherington

Billy Marshall-Stoneking


Hendrik Kolenberg
Hubert Smeed (1883-1965)

Helen Daniel
Outsiders And Society: Poor Fellow My Country

Ruth Johnston
A Short History Of Immigration In Australia And Western Australia

Jack Hibberd
National Drama As Melodrama

Frank Moorhouse
Time, Place And People: Regionalism In Contemporary Australia

Frank Moorhouse
Regionalism, Provincialism, And Australian Anxieties

Thomas Shapcott
People Placed In Time: Seminar Postscript

Peter Ward
What ‘Sense Of Regionalism’?

Elizabeth Jolley
Landscape And Figures

Peter Cowan

Tom Hungerford

Jim Davidson
Writing And The Regional Factor: Some Notes


Richard Fread Man
Nancy Keesing (Ed.): Shalom: A Collection Of Australian Jewish Stories

Jim Legasse
D. Woolf: The Concept Of The Text Evan Jones: Recognitions

Marilyn Anthony
Agnes Smedley: Daughter Of Earth Geoffrey Mitchell (Ed.): The Hard Way Up

John A. Hay
Alexandra Hasluck: Audrey Tennyson’s Vice-Regal Days: The Australian Letters Of Audrey Lady Tennyson To Her Mother Zacyntha Boyle

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