Digital Archive

Westerly 23:2


Victor Kelleher
The Traveller

Damien White
Only Trouble Is

Andrea Stretton
Thirty Love

Norma Wallace
Being Admitted


Caroline M. Caddy

David Campbell

Susan Hampton

R. K. Pretty

Anne Lloyd

Ken Liberman

Joy M. Adams

Cornelis Vleeskens

Norma Wallace

Edwin Thumboo

Rod Moran

R. G. Hay

Rosemary Dobson


Noel Macainsh
The Collage-Principle In Recent Australian Writing

Helen Daniel
Politics And “Weltanschauung”-Walter Adamson’s ‘The Institution’

Graeme Kinross Smith
Kenneth Slessor

Norman Bartlett
Science, Sex And Mr Wells

Graeme Henderson
The Mysterious Fate Of The Dutch East Indiaman “Aagtekerke

Edwin Thumboo
Singapore Writing In English: A Need For Commitment

Peter Cowan
The Telegraph Station At Israelite Bay- Photographs


Lenore Layman
Lloyd Ross, John Curtin

Fay Zwicky
Nicholas Hasluck, Anchor And Other Poems

Alan Alexander, In The Sun’s Eye

Lee Knowles, Cool Summer

Graeme Turner
Louis Johnson, Fires And Patterns

Arthur Yap, Commonplace

Kirpal Singh
Robert Yeo, And Napalm Does Not Help

Peter Cowan
Paul Depasquale, A Critical History Of

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