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Westerly 2:3

On The Armour Of Intellect

E. Lewis-Henry
Sunday Morning (Story)

Edwin Hutabarat
The Batak Toba Of Indonesia

Leaves In The Wind

Desmond O’grady
Put Clods Upon His Head (Story)

Such Is Life!

Dymphna Cusack
A Flower From Peking

Raymond Apple
Jewish Literature In Australia

John Wheeler
To Henry Lawson (Poem)

Deirdre Rogan
Dockside (Story)

The Atom For Peace Or War (Statement By West German Scientists)

M. B. Benn
The Importance Of Language Study

Dr. Babhani Battacharya
The Twain Shall Meet


Vincent Serventy
Silas Timberman (Fast), Faithful Are The Wounds (Sarton)

John Yocklunn
How’s Andy Going ? (Marshall)

Warwick Wilson
Australian Letters (A Literary Quarterly)

F. K. Crowley
The Wicked And The Fair (Drake-Brockman)

G. A. Davis
Rum And Coca Cola (De Boissiere)

B. Noldt
Report On China (Members Of Cultural Delegation)


John Wilson (Cover)

A. Hoffmann

Jerry Parkinson

Editorial Board

F. K. Crowley And D. Muschamp

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