Digital Archive

Westerly 22:4


Susan Hampton
Jocasta’s Chair

Jean Kent
Fruit Salad

Peter Murphy
A House Like God

Malcom Leader


Edwin J Aggard
Bread and Democracy:F. C. B. Vosper in the Roaring Nineties

Veronica Brady
History, Literature and J. B. O’Reilly

Norman Bartlett
Perth in the Turbulent Thirties

G. C. Bolton
A Local Identity-Paul Hasluck and Western Australian Self Concept

Fred Alexander
John La Nauze on Walter Murdoch

Vijay Mishra
Early Literary Responses to Charles Harpur


S. A. Grave
Patrick O’Brien-The Saviours

Leon Trainor
Bernard Hickey, ed. Da Slessor A Dransfield

Shirley Walker
Judith Wright-Fourth Quarter and other poems

Margot Luke
Colin Talbot’s Greatest Hits The Radical Reader

Marian Aveling
Peter Cowan, ed. The Letters of Thomas and Eliza Brown

Peter Cowan
Buildings at Cue (photos)


Wendy Jenkins
Fairlie Szacinski

Paul O’oonohue
Jennifer Compton

Diana Kan
Colleen Burke

Robert C. Boyce
Michael Dugan

John Griffin
Susan Hampton

Philip Collier
Caroline M. Caddy

Mark Macleod Stefanie Bennett
Margaret Hargrave

Anne Lloyd
John Foulcher

Colleen Burke
John Levett

Robert C. Boyce

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