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Westerly 22:2


Donna Devine
Twenty Dollars A Week And All You Can Eat

Fay Zwicky

Garry Disher

Shiv Kumar
Two Buds On A Stem

Ken Linnett
Taking Hold


Eric Beach

Zenon Pirga

Donald Moore

Anne Parrat

Geoffrey Dutton

John Griffin

John Wright

Stefan Ie Bennett

Ken Hudson

Robert C. Boyce

Diana Kan

J. Zizys

Wendy Jenkins

Rae Desmond Jones

Graeme Hetherington

Graham Rowlands

Colleen Burke

Anne Lloyd

Jane Zageris

Anne Lloyd


Beverley Smith
Manly Writers, Manly Wit

H. E. Daniel
Ways Of Resistance In David Ireland’s ‘The Unknown Industrial Prisoner

John L Collard
Identity, Conformity And The Getting Of Wisdom

Diane Dodwell
Worlds Beyond Words: Gwen Harwood’s Selected Poems


Sue Ashford
David Walker, Dream And Disillusion

John Webb
Henry (‘Jo’) Gullett, Not As A Duty Only J. Hammond Moore, Ed., Australians In

Jim Legasse
America, 1876-1976


Bruce Bennett
Aust. Lit. Exported

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