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Westerly 2:2

On Means Without End

D. W. Mcleod
Aboriginal Enterprise In The Pilbara

Leaves In The Wind

L. ]. H. Teakle
Does the University Of Queensland Need An Appeal Board?

R. W. Young
Dark Journey (Story)

Such Is Life!

Joseph Jones
The Prisoner (Poem)

Prakash Chandra Gupta And Lao Sheh
Freedom and the Writer

Bards Of The Golden Mile-2

Goldfields Ballads-A Further Selection

Joe Bowers
Conversion (Story)

Brian Fitzpatrick
The Bleaching Of Darkest South Africa

David Martin
A Girl Rode Into Goulburn (Poem)

Joseph Jones
Breaking The News (Poem)


E. C. Fry
The Australian Commonwealth (Fitz Patrick)

Bruce Lawson
Coast To Coast ( Editor, Drake-Brockman)

Donald R. Stuart
Australian Signpost (Editor , Hungerford)

Mary Durack
Cry Of The Dingo (Philips), Australian Son (Brown), The Kelly Hunters (Clune) , Ned Kelly (Ste Wart)


John Wilson

Editorial Board

F. K. Crowley And D. Mi/Schamp

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