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Westerly 21:1


Vicki Viidikas
The Scaffold

Gary Langford
Hot Stone


Stefanie Bennett

Andrew Burke

Rosemary Dobson

Andrew Mcdonald

Gary Langford

John Ditsky

Ross Fitzgerald

Viv Kitson

F Affilie Szacinski

Nicholas Hasluck

Alan Alexander

Stephen Gilfedder

Chris Wallace-Crabbe

John M. Wright

Colleen Burke

Mark O’connor

James Corbett

Shane Mccauley

W. Hart-Smith

Graham Rowlands

Haydn Williams

Andrew Lansdown

Graeme Wilson
Twenty-One Chinese Poems On The Theme Of Separation

Bruce Bennett & Veronica Brady
An Interview: William Hart-Smith


Veronica Brady
Islands Of Light: The Recent Poetry Of W. Hart-Smith

Graeme Kinross-Smith
Christina Stead-A Profile

Bruce Bennett
Judith Wright, Moralist

Hal Colebatch
Norman Lindsay And ‘The Magic Pudding’-A Marxist Reading


Nigel Krauth
Richard Cornish, The Woman Lilith

Patricia Crawford
Anne Summers, Damned Whores And Gods Police

Ian Crawford
Sylvia Hallam, Fire And Hearth

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