Digital Archive

Westerly 20:4


Peter Murphy

Susan Hampton
A Shower Of Rain


Margaret Mcmann

Norman Talbot

Graeme Hetherington

Michael Sharkey

T. Tredrea

Ian Williams

Shane Mccauley

Winton Riffe

Andrew Lansdown

William Cosgrave

Robbie Whyte


Collin O’brien
Stretching Our Imaginations:Australian Drama In Perth 1975

A. Hitchcock
Who Was Emily Davison?

Graeme Kinross-Smith
Joseph Furphy-Profile

Humphrey Mcqueen
The Lindsays And’vision’-A Marxist Reading

The Appreciation Of Poetry  

L. R. Burrows
Alec King, The Unprosaic Imagination

Fay Zwicky
Paul Hasluck, The Poet In Australia

Veronica Brady
James Mcauley, A Map Of Australian Verse


Veronica Brady
Hal Colebatch, Spectators On The Shore

W. Green
Murray Bail, Contemporary Portraits And Other Stories

John K. Ewers
Peter Carey, The Fat Man In History, Donald Stuart, Prince Of My Country And Walk, Trot, Canter And Die

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