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Westerly 20:3

Australians Abroad-Poems    

Carol Cohn


Charles Higham

Keith Harrison

Carol Cohn


Kenneth Simpson
A Lover’s Knot

Ken Linnett
Seeing Darrell


Noel Macainsh

David Lake

Kevin Bowden

William Cosgrave

Mark English

Shane Mccauley

Hal Colebatch

Alan Alexander

R. F. Brissenden

Fay Zwicky

Kevin Hart


Bruce Bennett And Laurie Lockwood
Colin Johnson: An Interview

Ian Templeman
The Fremantle Arts Centre

Patrick Hutchings
Miriam Stannage, Kodakist

A. D. Hope
Poetry As Joumalism

Barry Oakley
The Writer In Australia

Arthur Tonkin
Woodchips: Perspectives For The Future

Woman Poets  

Carl Harrison-Ford
Kate Jennings (Ed.), Mother I’m Rooted

Hal Colebatch
Kate Jennings, Come To Me My Melancholy Baby

Hal Colebatch
Dorothy Hewett, Rapunzel In Suburbia


Carol Bolton
Abortion: The Bobigny Affair

Veronica Brady
Colin Talbot, Massive Road Trauma, Michael Wilding, The Short Story Embassy

Hal Colebatch
Leslie Marchant, To Phoenix Seat

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