Digital Archive

Westerly 19:3


Michael Wilding
An Afternoon For Political Dissidents In Texas

Graham Sheil
The Suppliant

Frank Hainsworth
The Consent

Translated By Ito Aiko And Graeme Wilson
Ten Nights Of Dream Natsume Soseki


Diana Kan

Bruce Dawe

Toy Dorgan

Garry Hocking

Stephen Gilfedder

Colleen Burke

Lee Knowles

Kerry Leves

Jennifer Strauss

Brett Wright

Pamela Taylor

Jenny Binning

Neil Mcdonald

Translations By Graeme Wilson
Twenty Four Korean Sijo


Graeme Kinross Smith
A Profile Of Rosemary Dobson

David Campbell, Rosemary Dobson
Two Versions Of Osip Mandelstam’s Poem “Crimea” Based On The Translation Of Robert Dessaix


John B. Beston
Bruce Beaver-Lauds And Plaints

Hal Colebatch
W. Hart-Smith-Minipoems

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