Digital Archive

Westerly 18:1


Barry Lowe
Cockroach And Egg

Vicki Viidikas
4 Poems On A Theme


Robert Adamson
The Domesticity

Sinclair Wood
Canal Morning Ray

Sinclair Wood
Death Song Ray

Sinclair Wood
Weak Ending Ray

Graham Rowlands
Home To Mother 2

David Ball
Sequence Of Separation

Alan Maxwell
Beyond Arcturus

Toy Dorgan
An Agricultural Play

Noel Macainsh

Fay Zwicky
For Anna

Michael Dugan

Anne Elder
At Haworth


David Ormerod
The Swimmer In The Wake

Benjamin Schlesinger
Poverty In Australia


A Fine Country To Starve In: G. C. Bolton
Fred Alexander

Leonard Jolly

C. A. Parker

Peter Cowan

Poems 1913–C. J. Brennan
Introduction G. A. Wilkes

Genesius Jones

Sense Of Place: George Seddon
Peter Cowan

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