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Westerly 16:4


Trevor Williams
The Prison In ”The New Correctional Era”


T. A. G. Hungerford
Leaders And Breeders, The Man Said

Angus Baird
A Sense Of Continuity

Laurie Clancy
The Wife Specialist

Fairlie Apperly
Same Shape But Not My Brother

Judy Forsyth
At Home With Charity

Peter Andren
Where We Goin’ This Time?


Dennis Scott

Shiv Kumar
At A Psychedelic Art Exhibition

Shiv Kumar
Memorial Service

Peter Loftus
Science Time

David Lake

Toy Dorgan
The Story Of Ginny

Shirley Knowles
Not Incompatible

Shirley Knowles
Gulls With Human Voices

Anne Elder
The Trill

David Lake
Flag Ceremony

L. R. Burrows
Theophile Gautier: B.Ondalla

Jennifer Strauss
The Lady Of The House Breaks Down

Jennifer Strauss
Felo De Se

Jennifer Strauss
Abandoning Ship

Hal Colebatch
Death By Water

Hal Colebatch
From The Survival Manual

Toy Dorgan
The Half Children Somewhere In Me

Review Articles

B. E. Richardson
The Image Of The Outsider In The Writing Of Mary Durack

Dorothy Hewett
Poets Alive


John B. Beston
Thomas Keneally: A Dutiful Daughter

R. P. L. Howie
Lancelot Giles: Siege Of The Peking Legations

B. N. Primrose
W. E. Giles: Cruise In A Queensland Labour Vessel

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