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Westerly 16:3

Focus on Malaysia & Singapore 


Lee Kok Liang
Not So Long Ago But Still Around

Cynthia Anthony
“…And A Time To Build Up

Maureen Ten

Shirley Lim


Edwin Thumboo
Gods Can Die

Lee Tzu Pheng
From A Student Of William Butler Yeats

Ee Tiang Hong
For T.T.I.

Ee Tiang Hong

Yeo Bock Cheng
Scene From The Past

Omar Mohammed Noor

Arthur Yap
Fire Off Kim Seng Bridge

Shirley Lim
Land Turtle

Shirley Lim
A Child

Shirley Lim
Christmas In Exile

Wong Phui Nam
For My Old Amah

Edwin Thumboo
A Quiet Evening

Chandran Nair
The Victory Of The Eyes


Lloyd Fernando
Literary English In The South-East Asian Tradition

Antony Price
The Situation Of The Malaysian Playwright

Wang Gungwu
Race, Religion And Nationalism In Asia

Review Article

David Ormerod
The Malaysian Dilemma


Lee Joo For
A Some-Time Condition Of Man

Lee Joo For
River-Rapture No. 2

Lee Joo For
Horses Called Men

Lim Chee Boon
Dayak Father And Son

Lim Chee Boon
Rooftops, Treetops, Pitts Street, Penang

Lim Chee Boon
In The Mood For A Swim

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