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Westerly 15:3


T. A. G. Hungerford
The Talisman

David Ambrose
The Proposal

Toy Dorgan
The Expatriate

Randolph Stow

Toy Dorgan
The Same if We Had Traded

Hal Colebatch
Breakwater Haikus

Chris Wallace-Crabbe
Courted by Incapacity That Man of Blood

Rodney Hall
A Deail from Each of Our Four Canvases

G. Osborn
Mother’s Day at Karrakatta

Bill Warnock
Orange TreeDay Off

O. D. Watson

Joan Mas
In Scrub Country

Murray Jennings

Ian Mudie
The Dispossessed

G. C. Bolton
Squaring the Octagon

Vic Marsh
Pills Made up for Weak Digestions

Margot Luke
A Theatre for all Seasons

J. J. Harman
Conservation in Western Australia

Trevor Williams
The Wreck of the Batavia

Peter Cowan

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