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Westerly 14:3



Murray Bail
Stronger Than

Leon Slade
I Hear The Train’s Left

J. M. Sladden
When I ‘m Cleanin’ Windows

R. J. Deeble
Today I Went Down

R. J. Deeble
For Whatever Her Name Was

R. J. Deeble
Rain Falls Lightly My Child

Kendrick Smithyman
For Kate Barnard, Painter

Kendrick Smithyman
For Martin Bell, Poet

Ken Hudson
Swan River Poem No 75-1

Hal Colebatch
Portrait Of A Widower

Toy Dorgan
Green Science Gladiator

Joan Mas
Moon Through Rain

Margaret L. C. Ridgway
Lion Performing

Dennis Davison
Saucy Song From Marc De Papillon

Shelton Lea
In Poetry

Andrew Burke
Jack Kerouac

Ronald M. Berndt
Aboriginal Sites

G. S. Reid
The Puzzled Patriots

Bruce Bennett
Australian Literature

Peter Cowan
Kenneth Mackenzie

Peter Cowan
Furility And Other Animals

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