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Westerly 14:2


Irene M. Summy
The Birth Of Peggy Grey

Grace Perry
Passing Through

Peter Loftus
Jago And The Deep Night


Bruce Dawe
The Copy-Writer’s Dream

T. F. Kline

Marguerite Jean Gordon
You Ain’t Exactly True

Shirley Knowles
The Doll’s House

Toy Dorgan
There Is One

Joan Mas

Joan Mas

Noel Macainsh
Tripartite Political Dream

Noel Macainsh

Marguerite Jean Gordon
My Love And Molly

Andrew Burke
Epistle From Tom Collins House

Leon Slade
An Unsigned Slade Original

Leon Slade
Homage To A Homosexual

Bill Warnock
Three Day Guest

Ian Mudie
It’s A Free Country

Views And Reviews

Carol Bolton
Winbaraku And The Myth Of Jarapiri

My Kind Of Country

Gather No Moss

M. Woodward Henry Lawson Among Maoris

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