Digital Archive

Westerly 14:1


T. A. G. Hungerford
Final Round

Rosslyn Smith

Daphne Hillman

Natalie Scott

John McLaren
End Of The Lesson


Thomas W. Shapcott
Old Man With Flowers

Rodney Hall
Fantasy Of Verses From I Kings, 1826

Dorothy Hewett
The Single Cry

Peter G. Woolcock
The Green Park Bench

Merv Lilley
On Holiday

Krange David Ambrose
On Visiting The War Cemetery

Hal Colebatch
Wrecked Schooner

Dorrit Hunt
Kimberley Child

O. D. Watson
The Barber

Alexander Craig
Watching Sir Henry Bolte

Margaret Irtnn
Lost Child

Views And Reviews 

Hal Colebatch
Out Of The Ghetto

Chris Wallace-Crabbe
Robert Lowell’s Version Of History

Crabbe E. A. M. Colman
A Modest Radiance: The Poetry Of Chris Wallace

Bruce Bennett
Crisis In Education

John Barnes
Australian Poetry

J. Clancy
Towards Integrity

Leonard Jolley
Studies In The Eighteenth Century

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