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Westerly 13:4


Jack Hodgins
The God Of Happiness

Hilde Knbrr
Full Circle

Hal Colebatch
Under The Wharf

Fairlie Apperly
Grey & Green

Mary Hatherley
The Valour Of Mr Charters

G. M. Glaskin
Small World

Helen Hunt
Miss Carroll


Thomas W. Shapcott
Portrait Of Captain Logan

Rodney Hall
Orpheus And Eurydice

Nikos Ninolakis
Return To Troy

Chris Wallace-Crabbe
Blind Shooting

Chris Wallace-Crabbe

Bruce Dawe
Bloody Hopeless

R. H. Morrison

Shirley Knowles
The Singing Boy

Shirley Knowles
Poor Johnny

Bryn Griffiths

Bryn Griffiths
The Albatross

J. S. Harry

Views And Reviews     

Patrick Hutchings
Nolan—The University Of Western Australia Collection

Leonard Jolley
Hogsin Westphaly

S. A. Grave
A Progressive Look At The Church

Mary Durack
A Literature Of Loneliness

Bruce Williams
Dorothy Hewett’S Windmill Country


Felicity Marshall

Leonie Stenhouse

Tim Burns

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