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Westerly 13:2


Creative Nonfiction

Howard Gaskin
How It Strikes a Contemporary

John Barnes
Henrietta Drake-Brockman

Alexandra Hasluck
Henrietta as Historian

John K. Ewers


Andrew Burke
Curl Curl Tip

Robert Connell
Can You Draw Boundaries

Michael Dugan
A Lover's Compliment

B. Toohey
To Be Pricked by the Eye of a Needle But Still Manage to Laugh

T. Counihan

Timothy Kline
Soldier, Soldier

R. J. Deeble
Conjugate the Verb A'Mao

R. J. Deeble
Pax Vobiscum

R. J. Deeble

Wendy Horowitz

Graham Rowlands
Twenty-One Years

Ian Templeman
The Goldenfish

Noeline Burtenshaw
Requiem for a Bloodied Feather

Gavin Burgess
I Shall Journey

Rhyll McMaster
Bird of Glass

Ian Templeman
Prologue for a Summerchild Only…

Bob Hodge
The Vigil

P. Bradstreet
Hour Glass

Nicholas Hasluck

Ron Gray

Hal Colebatch
Museum Meteorite

Nicholas Hasluck
The Road to Matilda

Sweeney Reed
Time Breathes

Hal Colebatch
Gulls on a Yacht

Ross Haig
Words and Feelings

Ian Templeman
The Evangelist

Timothy Kline
From a Young Writer's Diary

K. R. Bamford
Goodnight with Apple

Timothy Kline
Poet to Peasant

John Romeril
For the Time Being You Are

Nicholas Hasluck

David Ambrose
Restful Death

Andrew Burke
I Stayed Home

Andrew Burke
Bank Robber

Andrew Burke
Epistle to Tony

Viv Kitson and Andrew Burke
Zoo Poems

Roger McDonald
Four Victorian Photographs

Ron Gray
How Delicate Darcness Must Be

Delphine Waldron
Words of Thought

Roger McDonald

Viv Kitson
Three Variations on the Theme of Death

Ron Gray
All the Beautiful People

Sweeney Reed


Michael Wilding
Yes, We Unzip Bananas

Murray Jennings
Blues for Crowley

J. Riviere Morris
Who'll Take a Glove

J. C. Michael
In Which an Agrarian Reformer Hears a Prophecy, of the Day the World Turns Off

C. P. Sleet
Vestibules of Glory


Anthony Miller
Seven Poor Men of Sydney

H. P. Heseltine
Katharine Susannah Prichards

John Barnes
Lawson and the Short Story in Australia

Patrick Hutchings
Realism is not Dead: It Has Been Seen in Bologna!

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