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Westerly 1:3

On the Menace of Lay Councils

John Plooy
The Heine Centenary

Max Brown
Cry Away, Mrs. Appelstrudel (story )

Fred Alexander
The Elizabethean Theatre Trust and You


Colin Crothers
The Silver Gum (poem)

Academic Upheaval in Tasmania


Pricha Prayurasiddhi
Twenty-Five Centuries of the Buddhist Era

Brian W. Griffiths
The Mopoke (Story)

Lesley Styles
Passionate Artist to his Love (poem)

F. H. Mares
Ibsen and Shaw

David Bradley
Culture Versus Anarchy -Arnold’s Liberalism


Irene A. Greenwood
Coonardoo (Prichard)

F. K. Crowley
Beyond the Black Stump (Shute)

John Yocklunn
Overland (quarterly magazine )

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John Wilson

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