Digital Archive

Westerly 1:2

An Anthropologist at Home Ronald M. Berndt

K. C. Paramanandam
Of Human Infatuation (story)

D. E. Hutchison
Sydney University Chair of Australian Literature


John Yocklunn
Language Reform: Chinese Old and New

Ben Kidd
A Matter of Business (story)

Ric Throssell
Background to a Play

Jeana Tweedie
New Elements in Australian Drama

John Wilson
Darwin ’51 (poem)

More Than a Shirt

D. J. Hislop
Death of a Novel (story)

Mary Durack
Death of a Novel (story)

Collin Coates
On Gardens


F. K. Crowley
Portrait With Background” (Hasluck)

Irene A. Greenwood
Keep Him My Country” (Durack)

Cover Design and Drawings

John Wilson

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