Digital Archive

Westerly 11:3



Diana Davis
Seaforth Mackenzie

Evan Jones
Kenneth Mackenzie's Hospital Poems


Kenneth Mackenzie
Sick Men Waking

Kenneth Mackenzie
Sick Men Sleeping

Kenneth Mackenzie
The Hospital - Retrospections


Kenneth Mackenzie
I Have Three People

Kenneth Mackenzie
The Old Adam

Kenneth Mackenzie
The Model

Kenneth Mackenzie
Maiden's Hill


Kay Kruger
A review of Helen Joseph's Tomorrow's Sun—A Smuggled Journey from South Africa

P. D. Reeves
A review of work by V. S. Naipaul and Zulfikar Ghose

Felicity Haynes
A review of selected poetry

B. K. de Garis
A review of Alexandra Hasluck's Thomas Peel of Swan River

Jeana Bradley
A review of Alec Bagot's Coppin the Great and Hal Porter's Stars of Australian Stage and Screen

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