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Westerly 11:2

Guest Editor M. A. Jaspan

The Revival And Sharpening Of The Indonesian Language

A. H. Johns
Bahasa Indonesia As A National Language

The Development Of Bahasa Indonesia



M. A. Jaspan
Introduction And Notes On Poets

Housing (Translated By Robin Andison)

Usmar Ismail
Awakening (Translated By M. A. Jaspan)

Chairil Anwar
Record Of 1946 (Translated By Peter Lucich)

Chairil Anwar
Ina Mia (Translated By John Kleinig)

Chairil Anwar
Midnight Return (Translated By Walter Tauss)

Voice From Abroad (Translated By M. A. Jaspan)

Ali S. Nazola
Wet Monsoon (Translated By M. A. Jaspan)

W. S. Rendra
Stanzas At Noon (Translated By Leila Petterson)

Trisno Sumardjo
Old Man On A Sickbed (Translated By Mary Hodgkin)


The Work Of A Poet    

A. H. Johns
A Poet Between Two Worlds: The Work Of Sitor Situmorang


Short Stories

Pramudya Ananta Tur: A Master Tjerpen Teller

M. A. Jaspan
Introduction To The Tjerpen

Pramudya Ananta Tur
The Reward Of Marriage (Translated By Ann Kumar)

Pramudya Ananta Tur
Caged (Translated By Soh Liantji)

Pramudya Ananta Tur
Darkness (Translated By Theresa Yo)

T. B. Darwin Effendi
Alfatihah (Translated By M. A. Jaspan)

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