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Westerly 11:1


Judy Forsyth
For The Good Of The People

Julie Lewis

Griffith Watkins
Call Me By My Proper Name

Shirley Thomas
A Girl Don’t Stand A Chance

Ron Smith
A Quiet Evening Away From Home

Winston Mcnamara
Another Week



Joan Mas
Birds Into Flower

Joan Mas

Joan Mas
I Have A Lover

Nicholas Hasluck
The Madmen

Griffith Watkins

Nicholas Hasluck
Girl Next Door

Elizabeth Kerr
An Old Woman Finds A Boy’s Class Photograph Dated 1910

S. Hodge

Bryn Davies
The Bard’s Longing For His Country



W. Wardman
The Future Of The Humanities

Leonard Jolley

Neil Mcpherson
Writers For A “No” Generation

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