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Westerly 1:1


F. K. Crowley
Populate and Perish

G. E. M.
The Garden (story)

Wilfred Leyton
Intuition (poem)

A. W. Anderson
You Too Can Be an Art Critic


T. M. Artingstoll
Australia and Asia: Dr. Burton’s Challenge

David Burnett
Eleven Years Ago (poem)

L. H.
Don’t Call Him Dig

G. A. Davis
The Arab – Israel Dispute

Donald R. Stuart
A Place With the Mob (story)

Phitaya Smutrakal
About Your Comrades in Thailand

B. Noldt
No Barriers to Knowledge

Collin Coates
No Barriers to Knowledge

Randolph Stow (trans.)
Three Poems by Clement Marot


” The Legend of the Nineties” (Palmer)

“Australian Literature” (Macartney)

“Black Cargo” (Morrison)

“Beginners’ General Science” (Merrilees)

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John Wilson

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