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Westerly 10:1

Patricia Hackett: An Appreciation

K. Kyffin

Thomas Mildred

Mocatta Hedley

Cullen Earle Hackett



T. A. G. Hungerford
The Budgerigar

Francy De Grys
The Night Of The Frogs



Alec King
In Memoriam, T. S. Eliot

Norman Talbot
Images Out Of Spring

David Ambrose

Grace Perry
Foetal Stethoscope

David Ambrose
Cliffs Of Fall

Irene M. Summy

Griffith Watkins
Death Of The Construction Worker


Review Articles

S. M. Wadham
The Northern Myth

E. D. Watt
Diem And The Journalists: Censorship By Selection

Patrick Hutchings
Lucky Country?



J. M. Keely

David Ashley

Alec King

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