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Call for Submissions – Online Special Issue 6

Frog cakes. Don Dunstan. Bodies, barrels.

This is one version of South Australia. But is it yours?

Under the Guest Editorship of Alex Cothren and Amy Mead, this issue of Westerly (Online Special Issue 6) will be dedicated to South Australian writers and writing. It is asking contributors to go beyond the clichéd and commonplace representations of this weird, guillotine-shaped state.

We want fresh perspectives on South Australia. We want to re-see this frequently misunderstood place through YOUR eyes and through YOUR art form, whether that is fiction, poetry, memoir, essay, travelogue, or some hybrid of the above.

Contributors do not need to be South Australian born or bred. In fact, we welcome the unique vantage point of the immigrant author/artist, just as we welcome those who view our state borders as colonial graffiti sprayed across a more consequential map.

If you’re unsure as to whether your piece would fit, please email us with questions/pitches.

All submissions should be via direct email to coth0009@flinders.edu.au (Alex) or mead0061@flinders.edu.au (Amy). Please send us your work by 20 April, 2018 for consideration. 

All contributors will be compensated for their work. Further information on contribution, a style guide and rates of payment can all be found on Westerly’s website along with previous Online Special Issues, free to download.


Westerly thanks Flinders University for their involvement in this issue.

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  1. Brenda Crane says:

    As an S.A. resident, I would love to submit a short story for the online special issue featuring South Australia.
    However , I am unsure if you would accept a piece of work when it is already entered into an Australian writing competition which gives no feedback until May.
    If simultaneous submission is unacceptable for your publication, then I would consider withdrawing my piece to submit to Westerly instead.
    I would be most grateful for your advice.
    Many thanks.

    Brenda Crane


  2. Kate says:

    Hi Brenda,

    Generally, work submitted to Westerly should not be under consideration elsewhere. But the Online Special Issues are a little different to normal, as they are guest edited and operate under their own rules. Contact Alex and Amy (as per the details above) and ask if they are happy to accept the submission.

    All best,
    The Westerly Team

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