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Announcing the Arthur Finn Bequest

Westerly is excited to announce and make grateful acknowledgement of a new, generous contribution in support of the Magazine, from the bequest of Arthur Finn.

Dr Arthur Edward Finn, known as Ted, was a University of Western Australia alumnus (BSc (Hons) 1934) and a Rhodes Scholar. He went on to have a distinguished career as an industrial chemist. Dr Finn passed away in 2003, leaving the bulk of his estate to the University. Dr Finn’s bequest has provided vital support for health and medical research, and the recent refurbishment of the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery.

Now, Westerly too is humbled to be benefitting from this generous act. This bequest will help support production and administration of the Magazine, and facilitate the scope of Westerly’s activities including and around the publication of our upcoming issues. This support is critical to the Magazine’s continuation and will contribute to it thriving over the coming years.

We would like to acknowledge the legacy of Arthur Finn in sustaining this future for Westerly, and express the importance this bequest confers on the creative arts more generally. Philanthropy in support of the creative arts, artists and writers promotes artistic expression and continues driving social change. We’re excited about the possibilities this contribution creates for the Magazine! We offer our sincere gratitude to Dr Finn and his estate.

We are very grateful to all our supporters. Whether readers, writers, subscribers or simply friends of the Magazine, this community keeps us going!

Should you wish to contribute philanthropically to Westerly, contact us on (08) 6488 3403 or visit our website: https://westerlymag.com.au/donate-to-westerly/

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