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Westerly 36:2



Nicholas Mansfield
"A Pleasant, Meaningless Discord": Helen Garner's The Children's Bach

Patsy Cohen and Margaret Somerville
Reflections on Ingelba

Paul Gillen
Jack Lindsay's Romantic Communism


Alec Choate
A review of R.F Brissenden's Sacred Sites

Philip Salom
A review of Gary Anson's Pamphlet Poets Series One

Lawrence Bourke
A review of Katherine Gallagher's Fish-rings on Water

Chris Wallace-Crabbe
A review of Laurie Duggan's Blue Notes and Peter Rose's The House of Vitriol

Amanda Nettelbeck
A review of Aspects of Australian Fiction

Andrew Burke
A review of Livio Dobrez's Parnassus Mad Ward


Faye Davis
The Guest Speaker

Faye Davis
The House at Caversham

Faye Davis

Barbara Giles
Personal Space

Graeme Wilson

Graeme Wilson
Official in Old Age

Graeme Wilson
Telling the Truth

Graeme Wilson
Red Light District

David Buchanan
Portrait of PJ

Catherine Conzato
Still life on the sink

Andrew Lansdown
That Bird

Alan Alexander

Stephen Magee
Bondi Beach, midwinter afternoon

David Buchanan
Looking off the Southern Edge

Martin R. Johnson
Elegy: for my father

Bruce Dawe
Mortal Instruments

Bruce Dawe
The Dark Room

Anne Fairbairn
A Litany of Light

Alec Choate
Russell Square, London

Catherine Conzato
Abdullah's shirt

Pat Boran
Lower Main Street

Catherine Conzato

Hal Colebatch
Grass stems at the Zoo


Hal Colebatch
The Return

Jamie Stewart
The Projectionists

Carmel Bird
Woman in Dark Clothing

Ann Dombroski

Susanne Gervay
And Then Paris

P.M. Marsh

Hugh Roberts
Colour me Black

Gail Bell
Thirroul, 1970

Rosaleen Love
Strange Things Grow at Chernobyl

David Cohen
People and how they Respond to Bagpipes in the Evening

Yve Louis
The Walk (New Street, 1937)

Nikki Gemmell
Here is a Woman

Brigid Lowry

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